The Role of the Lymphatics in Lung Health and Disease

In this podcast, we discuss an important contributor to lung homeostasis and normal function, the lymphatic vessels. We also discuss emerging data to suggest ways in which abnormal lymphatic function contributes to diseases in the lung, such as COPD and ILD. We interview two experts in the field of lung lymphatics, Dr. Hasina Outtz Reed and Dr. Souheil El-Chemaly. We talk with Dr. Outtz Reed about her research in this field, including her work on the lymphatics in the development of tertiary lymphoid organ formation, lung injury and emphysema. We talk with Dr. El-Chemaly about his research in this field, including his work on the role of lymphangiogenesis in the development of interstitial lung diseases.
Dr. Rachel Knipe, MGH

Dr. Hasina Outtz Reed, Weill Cornell Medical Center
Dr. Souheil El-Chemaly, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
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