Breathe Easy Pediatrics Presents: Tidal Volume Episode 7 – Tracheobronchitis in Children with Tracheostomy Tubes

Tidal Volume is a podcast from ATS Peds focusing on core concepts of pediatric pulmonology. The goal is to bring in depth focus on these core concepts for residents, fellows, early career pulmonologists or even senior faculty looking for a refresher.

In episode 7, Ryan Thomas MD from Michigan State University discusses tracheobronchitis in children with tracheostomy tubes with Dan Craven MD and Moshe Prero MD from Case Western Reserve University/Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and Alexander Gipsman MD from Children’s Hospital  of Philadelphia. We discuss their review article Tracheobronchitis in children with tracheostomy tubes: Overview of a challenging problem and why they decided to write on this topic.  We also discuss the importance of tracheobronchitis in this patient population, the risk factors for infection, the microbiology of the airway,  and the diagnosis and treatment of tracheobronchitis in children with tracheostomy tubes. 

Daniel Craven, MD, Case Western Reserve University
Moshe Prero, MD, Case Western Reserve University
Alexander Gipsman, MD, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Host:  Ryan Thomas, MD,  Michigan State University
Christina Barreda, MD, University of Wisconsin 
Elizabeth Fiorino, MD, Hofstra University
Ryan Thomas, MD,  Michigan State University
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Ryan Thomas, MD
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