American Academy of Sleep Medicine Position Paper for the Use of a Home Sleep Apnea Test for the Diagnosis of OSA in Children (JCSM 2017)

In this podcast Dr. Sumit Bhargava interviews co-author Dr. Lynn D’Andrea on the use of a home sleep apnea test for the diagnosis of sleep apnea in children. They address the following key questions: 1. Is there a need for home sleep apnea testing (HST) in pediatrics? 2. Which of the currently available HST devices have been studied in pediatric research settings? 3. What are the most important differences in the scoring of adult and pediatric sleep studies and why does that make home sleep apnea testing difficult to implement in children? 4. Dr. D’Andrea discusses how the committee conducted a careful review of the literature before publishing this position paper.

Host: Dr. Sumit Bhargava (Chair, Pediatric Sleep Interest Group, ATS SRN Assembly, Stanford University)

Guest Speaker: Dr. Lynn D’Andrea (Co-author and Chief, Pediatric Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin)

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