Addressing Systemic Racism in Academic Medicine, Episode 2: Developing a research career that confronts health disparities

Co-sponsored by Allergy, Immunology & Inflammation Assembly Early Career Professional Working Group (Dr. Dinah Foer) and Health Equality and Diversity Committee (Dr. Stephanie Lovinsky-Desir). Drs. Obi Emeruwa, Isaretta Riley and Sande Okelo discuss systemic racism in academia and how to pursue a research career that focuses on health disparities in conversation with Dr. Margee Louisias. Episode edited and produced by Dr. Marc Gauthier.
I. Obi Emeruwa, MD, MBA (UCLA)
Isaretta Riley, MD (Duke)
Sande Okelo, MD, PhD (UCLA)

Margee Louisias, MD, MPH (BWH)

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